The CMD, Professor A.W.O.Olatinwo  has received the report of the  UITH peer review group. Steering committee set up to fast-track implementation of the road map.

In June 2003, the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo obsereved that “Nigerians have for too long been feeling short changed by the quality of public service. Our public offices have for too long been showcases for the combined evils of inefficiency and corruption, whilst being impediments to effective implementation of government policies. Nigerians deserve better. And we will ensure they get what is better!” In December 2003, a report was commissioned to review service delivery in Nigeria by President Obasanjo. In February 2004, the report, ‘Service delivery in Nigeria: A roadmap was published. Some of the report’s conclusion and recommendations include:

  • Services are not serving people; they are inaccessible, poor in quality and indifferent to customer needs
  • Public confidence is poor, inequalities high and institutional arrangement is confusing and wasteful.
  • There is need for a far reaching transformation of Nigerian society through a service delivery programme as a step in the process of moving to a government that is more in touch with the people.
  • The service delivery programme should create citizens’ and customers’ demand, instill higher expectations of public service, communicate service entitlements and rights, publish accurate and timely information about  performance and the steps been taken to correct service failure
  • Redesign the services around customers’ requirements
  • The success of the programme will require committed leadership from the top
  • Ministers should demonstrate their commitment with a leadership declaration about service delivery.

In March 2004, a special presidential retreat deliberated on the report. In his opening remarks, President Olusegun Obasanjo said:

“This retreat is to assert our ownership of the initiative to serve Nigerians better. We accept full responsibility for driving it to a successful end. This is the core message from this Retreat to the people. That message should also be about leadership that has all the attributes which we all agreed to in the last retreat, namely selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and patriotism. It is also the message of leading from the front in the battle to sanitize our system morally, politically and economically. Above all it is the message of the leadership that the Nigerian people can trust” On 21st March 2004, in conclusion to a special presidential retreat on Service delivery in Nigeria, the President and the Ministers entered into a Service Compact With All Nigerians (Servicom) whose core provision says: 

“We dedicate ourselves to providing the basic services to which each citizen is entitled in a timely, fair, honest, effective and transparent manner”.

It was also agreed that all Ministries, Parastatals and Agencies and all other Government Departments will prepare and   publish Servicom Charters, hence the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) Servicom charters.

UITH Servicom Charters

  1. We provide quality health care  to all patients in a friendly and timely manner only limited by resources made available
  2. All eligible patients that require emergency care will be promptly attended to not later than 30 minutes and stabilized within 2 hours of arrival
  3. Your satisfaction is the ultimate indicator of the quality of our services.

UITH Servicom Principles

  1. We affirm commitment to the service of the Nigerian Nation
  2. We are convinced that Nigeria will realize its full potential if citizens receive prompt and efficient services
  3. We have consideration for the needs and rights of all Nigerians to enjoy social and economic advancement.
  4. We are dedicated to delivering quality services, fairly and honestly, effectively and transparently.
  5. We expect our customers to respect the right of others and assist Government in appropriate ways.

Service Charter And Guiding Principles

Service Charter

The Management and Staff of University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital Declare as follows:

We are conscious of the health needs of the people of Kwara and neighboring States.

We are inspired by the vision and mission  statements of our hospital,  the NEEDS agenda and health reform programme of the Federal government

We are pursuant to the need to contribute to the achievement of the  3 core health specific goals of the Millennium Development Goals on maternal mortality, infant mortality and halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and the need to control non-communicable diseases.

We reaffirm our commitment to providing comprehensive ONE-STOP centre that is driven by efficiency and customer satisfaction and the pursuit of world class training/ retraining of health care professionals

Guiding Principles

Efficiency in service delivery through appropriate management of time, finance and human resources to enhance professionalism

Monitoring and evaluation process will be put in place to sustain all facets of the hospital towards improving standards and practice

Human resources development strategies will be handled with fairness with  accompanying incentive mechanism

Institutional based support will be provided for the design and execution of biomedical research through local and international collaboration