The CMD, Professor A.W.O. Olatinwo wishes all members of staff a happy and prosperous New Year 2012.





























Charter statement for the department of radiology: To provide medical imaging services to the most exacting standard in response to the needs of patients.

The Department of Radiology, University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) was among the foundation departments of UITH since its inception in July 1980. It provides radiologic services, which includes Magnetic resonance Imaging MRI, ultrasound, computed Tomography (CT), Mammography, plain radiographs, and fluoroscopic examinations. The department provides 24hrs services for the inhabitants of Ilorin metropolis, other parts of Kwara state, as well as neighbouring states of the federation.

The present head of department of radiology is Professor D.A.Nzeh. There are 9 consultants including the head and 9 resident doctors which include 6 senior registrars and 3 junior registrars currently.  There are also 9 full time medical imaging scientists. Four are very senior members of staff comprising of 2 assistant directors of imaging science and 2 chief imaging scientists. The department has a sizeable number of darkroom, administrative and nursing staff to complement the radiologists and imaging scientists.

The department is actively involved in training of resident doctors for both the West African College of Surgeons and National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. Till date, the department has produced over 20 consultant radiologists, with many now practicing in other sister institutions at home and abroad. Intern radiographers are also trained by the department. Other training programs run by the institution include ultrasound training for Medical doctors in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson’s Research and ultrasound training centre USA. Being a teaching hospital affiliated to the University of Ilorin, the department is also involved in the training of medical students for the award of the bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degrees.

The department of radiology University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital plays a leading role in transfontanelle ultrasound of the infant which was pioneered by Professor D.A.Nzeh in the whole of Central, West and East Africa, where the first ultrasound brain of an infant was performed in Ilorin in 1992.It is actively involved in research with many international publications by its academic staff. Ongoing researches include correlation of traumatic brain injuries and outcome with CT findings, anatomic variations of paranasal sinuses on CT, and relationship with chronic sinusitis in Nigeria, among many others. Academic activities also include jointly held seminars weekly with other departments.

Notable among award by members of staff was the conferment of the Fellow of The Royal College of Radiologists United Kingdom to the Head of department Professor D.A. Nzeh in November 2010, in recognition of is immense contribution in radiology to his home country and the international community. Staff development is continual with consultant staff periodically visiting institutions abroad to update knowledge in the rapidly developing field of radiology.

At present, efforts to computerize data in the department as part of on-going development of Radiology Information System (RIS) and archiving of patient data has begun.

Professor D.A. Nzeh

Head of Department



Department of Radiology