The CMD, Professor A.W.O.Olatinwo  has received the report of the  UITH peer review group. Steering committee set up to fast-track implementation of the road map.
  • Right to health care without regard to sex, culture, social status, education or religious background
  • Right to have considerate and respectful care
  • Right to know the physician who has primary responsibility for coordinating his care and also names and professional relationship of other caregiver(s)
  • Right to receive information about his /her illness, course of treatment and prospects of recovery in terms that he /she can understand
  • Right information about any proposed procedure he/she may need in order to give consent(except in emergency situation)
  • Right to participate actively in decision regarding his medical care to the extent permitted by law
  • Right to confidential treatment
  • Right to confidential treatment and handling of all communications and records pertaining to his care in the hospital and the requirement to give his/her consent before it is released anywhere and to anyone
  • Right to reasonable response o any request he may make for services
  • Right to be informed and advised of any proposed human experimentation affecting his care after his physician and the researcher have explained to the patient and the physician has been indemnified by the hospital and exempted from any misadventure
  • Right to refuse or accept to participate in such research projects
  • Right to know hospital rules and policy pertaining to him
  • Right to explanation on his /her financial or medical bill
  • Right to know the drug he /she is given
  • Right to have a choice of physician subject to conditions
  • Right to be informed of available mechanism to seek redresses e.g. Servicom available on GSM nos. 08055763942/08037301311

Patient’s Responsibilities

  • To register as patients
  • To respect and obey hospital rules and policies
  • To cooperate with hospital caregivers
  • To treat all hospital staff with respect and dignity
  • To faithfully undergo the agreed treatment
  • To follow the health worker’s instructions diligently
  • To take the necessary preventive measures in case of infectious disease as per doctor’s instructions
  • To be aware that health workers will endeavour to always act in their best interests however, being human being, are amenable to occasional mistakes and lapses
  • To be aware that ALL procedures and treatment modalities carry varying levels of risk for which health workers are not liable
  • To make payment for the treatment wherever applicable to the hospital promptly
  • To respect the competence of health workers to make professional decisions on patients care
  • To be punctual to attend the clinic/hospital for treatment at the given time
  • To preserve all the record of one’s illness
  • To disclose all necessary information about himself/herself including all the treatment he/she has received before
  • To inform the hospital of change of address, if different from the one in the folder
  • To keep the hospital management informed, if change of doctors/hospital is desirable/desired


Please  note that all rights are predicated on the fact that patients equally accept all responsibilities.










Patient's Rights