The CMD, Professor A.W.O. Olatinwo wishes all members of staff a happy and prosperous New Year 2012.













































Brief History of the Department

The Department of Medicine started as a foundation and parent Department of the Medical School when it was established in 1977.  It received its first batch of clinical students in 1980/81 under the pioneer headship of Professor J.D. Hamilton, FRCP, FRCP(C) and foundation academic staff of Dr. M.A. Araoye, FACP, FRCP(C ); Dr. J.O. Olowoyeye, FACP, FRCP(C ) and Dr. A.O. Ogunyemi FRCP(C ); as they were then known. 

The programmes of the department were and are still accredited for undergraduate training in Clinical Medicine to the MBBS level by National Universities Commission (NUC) and Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).  The specialist training in Internal Medicine and selected subspecialties are fully accredited by the West African College of Physicians (WACP) and National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (NPMCN). 

The first set of specialist trainees (Pioneers) included Drs. A. Medubi, A.S. Adesokan; A. Dosunmu; E.O. Okoro; A.B.O. Omotoso, M.O. Tanimowo and A.O. Lawal enrolled into the Residency programme in 1981/1982 and most of them have become leaders in the medical field.

A.S. Adesokan is the current head of biochemistry department  of this great university; A. Dosunmu is a Professor of Medicine at the Delta state University Abraka; E.O. Okoro and A.B.O. Omotoso are also Professors of Medicine and one time heads of the department.                                                                    

Departmental Mission

The mission of the department is to contribute to the reduction of the global burden of disease by being the national hub for producing highly-skilled medical doctors who are capable of providing excellent services to people of all nationalities and are able to compare favourably with their peers from other parts of the globe.

Departmental Functions

1.       Training of undergraduate medical students

2.       Training of postgraduate medical doctors

3.       Researches into various disciplines of internal medicines

Medical management of patients’ ailment in various fields of internal medicine 

Departmental Achievement

From an initial enrollment of 34 Clinical Students, the department now handles over 800 students annually rotating through its MBBS Programme. 

Similarly, from an initial intake of about 6 trainee specialists, the department now has over 30 in various stages of specialization. 

The department has trained specialist for various State Government in Nigeria on special arrangements and has also received students from foreign Medical schools. 

       Departmental Staff                                                                                                                            

         Dr. A.K. Salami Reader&Head of department- Consultant Pulmonologist

         Dr. (Sir) A. Aderibigbe Consultant special Grade - Consultant Nephrologist

         Dr. A.B.O. Omotoso Professor- Consultant Cardiologist

         Dr. B.J. Okoro Professor - Consultant Clinical pharmacologist

         Dr. Y Fakunle Professor- Consultant Gastroenterologist

         Dr. B.J. Bojuwoye Professor- Consultant Gastroenterologist

         Prof. I.A. Katibi Reader- Consultant Cardiologist

         Prof. A. Chijioke Senior Lecturer- Consultant Nephrologist

         Dr. E.O. Sanya Senior Lecturer- Consultant Neurologist

         Dr. P.M. Kolo Senior Lecturer- Consultant Cardiologist

         Dr. A.B. Olokoba Senior Lecturer- Consultant Gastroenterologist

         Dr. K.W. Wahab Senior Lecturer- Consultant Neurologist

         Dr. A. Adamu Lecturer I- Consultant Endocrinologist

         Dr. A. Fawibe Lecturer I- Consultant Pulmonologist

         Dr. O.O.Desalu Lecturer I- Consultant Pulmonologist 

         Dr. T.O Olanrewaju Lecturer I- Consultant Nephrologist                     

Linkages / Collaboration With National and International Agencies  

1. National Action Committee on AIDS (NACA)

2. Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria

Research activities:  in most contemporary areas of medicine

 Future targets:  To be a centre of excellence in training of specialists in:

1. Cardiology, 2. Gastroenterology, 3. Pulmonologist, 4. Nephrology, 5. Neurology.



Department of medicine