The CMD, Professor A.W.O. Olatinwo wishes all members of staff a happy and prosperous New Year 2012.






























The functions of the department are as follows:

         Documentation of patients, filling, retrieval and preservation of patient records.

         Maintenance of various indices that facilitate access to patient records.

         Disease coding, indexing and compilation of mortality and mobility data.

         Responsible for medico-legal aspect of health records e.g release of patient information to court of law

         when required.

         Designing of health records forms.

         Arrangement of the contents of patient records in a specific order.

         Analyzing qualitatively, the discharged patient records.

         Collection, computations and presentation of health statistical data.

         Provision of necessary assistance to researchers.

         Promotion of health Information Profession, training and innovation.

         Transmitting Information of vital events and noticeable diseases to appropriate authorities.

         Training of health information personnel.

The achievements of the department include:

         Provision of 24 hours service to patients.

         Provision of job training to both old and new member of staff.

         Giving theoretical and practical training to Health Information Students from Health Information

Management across the country.

         Assisting researchers in their research works by providing necessary data required.

         Prompt computation of monthly quarterly and annual statistical returns.

         Safeguarding the medico-legal interest of the hospital in the release of health information.

         Encouraging health records keeping for continuous patients, care teaching and research work.



Dr Isiaka Sule, PhD

Head of Department



Department of Health Information Management