The CMD, Professor A.W.O. Olatinwo wishes all members of staff a happy and prosperous New Year 2012.

































































    The Central Administration Division supervises the activities of some Units in their day-to-day performance of duties to better the lots of the Hospital.  The Units are as follows:

Hospital Secretary (PS)

Mr. Tsado Philip        

Hospital Secretary (GHW)    

Mr.  M.  Kabiru

Hospital Secretary (MHW)   

Mrs. K.  Ajiboye        

Library Unit

Mrs. C. S. Adeniran

Laundry Unit

Mr. M. Ahebhamen    

Catering Department

Mr. J.D.E. Ajewole     

Transport Unit

Mr. Lateef Jimoh     

Legal Unit

Mrs. I. A. Akoshile

Public Relations Unit

Mr. Oba Hassan Kadir

Security Department

Mr. Baba Muhammed

            Objectives/Goals of the Division:

The Central Administration Division is charged with the following responsibilities:

(a)       To assist the Director of Administration in the day – to – day general a administrative duties.

(b)       To liaise with all the departments to ensure that appropriate facilities for good Health Care Services are made available.

(c)        To supervise the security arrangement of the Hospital

(d)       To coordinate the activities of the department of Works, Catering Services, Security, Laundry, Stores and Supplies, CHC Esie and Ihima, Hospital Secretaries and environmental Sanitation etc.

(e)        Handling of Legal Matters.

(f)        To ensure proper utilization of human management resources in the areas listed in ‘D’ & ‘E’ above.

(g)        To produce report and other management information for the management Board and Federal Ministry of Health.

(h)        To sustain the good image of the Hospital

(i)         Staff Welfare, i. e., Housing and Staff Accommodation, Vehicle and Furniture      Loans

(j)         Communication and Poster Matters

(k)        Ensuring landlords/Management relations

(l)         Securing accommodation for House Officers, Interns and Youth Corpers.

(m)       Any other Ad – hoc administrative duties that might be assigned from time to time.


            Staff Strength of the Central Administration Division

Mrs. A. O. Umar

Asst Director of Admin. (CA)/ Head of Division

Mrs. M. A. Olisa

Asst. Chief Administrative Officer

Mrs. O.J. Okonkwo

Asst. Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. E.D. Amode

Principal Executive Officer II

Mrs. R.S. Adetunmbi

Asst. Chief Confidential Secretary

Mr. Jimoh Lateef

Transport Officer

Mrs. J. F. Obasun

Executive Officer

Mrs. E.O. Kayode

Typist II

Mrs. F.B. Lawal

Clerical Officer

Miss. R. F. Yahaya

Clerical Officer

Mr. Babalola Ampitan 

Chief Messenger

Mrs. Adamu Azeretu

Chief Messenger

            Legal Unit

Mrs. I. A. Akoshile

Chief Counsel

Mrs. S. F. Akanbi

Senior Counsel

Mr. Femi Ogunleye



            Security Coordinator

Mr. Baba Mohammed 

Coordinator, Security


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Mrs. A. O. Umar,  B.A (Hons), ENG/EDU, MPA, AHAN

Assistant Director of Administration & Head, Central Administration


Central Administration